The Ghost with a Rose Paddle

The Ghost with a Rose Paddle, created by Arnd Henning Heissen, Ritz Carlton, Berlin, Germany


- 1.4 oz Plantation Barbados XO 20th Anniversary Rum
- 1 Barspoon Ylang Ylang Syrup
- 1 Barspoon Patchouli Honey – Rose Syrup
- 0,17 oz Yuzu Sake

Stir on Iceballs and Strain into a Golden Coupette without Ice
Decoration: Date Stick


« Plantation covers a wide range of tastes. Especially in a Bar such as the Curtain club, we are looking to fascinate our guests on a daily basis, for example with the several cask finishings it proves to be the perfect treat for a demanding connoisseur. »

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