Detective Peel's Rum Ender

Detective Peel's Rum Ender, created by Christopher Peel, Evans and Peel Detective Agency, London, United-Kingdom

Detective Peel’s Rum Ender

2.25 cl (0.7 oz) Plantation 5 Years Old Rum

1.5 cl (0.5 oz) Plantation 3 Stars Rum

0.75 cl (0.2 oz) Plantation Overproof Rum

1.5 cl (0.5 oz) Amaro Montenegro

1.5 cl (0.5 oz) Suze

2.25 cl (0.7 oz) Pierre Ferrand Pineau des Charentes

Grapefruit bitters and ginger beer

Put all the ingredients into a small cognac cask and age for at least two weeks. Once the cocktail is aged, pour the ingredients into an ice-filled mixing glass, mix and serve in a coupette. 

“A rum-tasting journey, the calibration of these elements really lets each rum sing! It’s like the bastard child of a Prohibition and Tiki Cocktail. Please don’t drive afterwards.”

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