Rambutan Mai Thai

Rambutan Mai Thai, created by Volker Seibert, Capri Lounge, Cologne, Germany


- 1.5 oz Plantation Jamaica 1986 Single Cask Rum
- 1.5 oz Blend of 8 Plantation Rums aged in a Pierre Ferrand Cognac Barrel in 12 Weeks
- 0.8 oz Pierre Ferrand Orange Dry Curacao
- 2 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
- 1.3 oz Fresh Lime Juice
- 0.8 oz Orgeat Extracts


Shake and Strain into a Unique Japanese Argil Bowl with Dry Crushed Ice
Decoration: Rambutan, PiliPili, Glasnoodle, Chobsticks, Lemon Leaves and Glass Cap


« In the Capri Lounge, an essential partner for our cocktail ageing through a variety of highend products. The Single Cask series of Plantation rums are the most popular Old Fashioned variations at the Capri Lounge, a manifestation. Likewise the 1840 original formula Cognac, which is an asset to all Cognac drinks through its distinct taste. »

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